"In its current incarnation, it truly is the Rolls-Royce (or Jaguar) of granulation programs"
Warren Burt, Review of crusher-X 6, Music magazine SoundBytes 2017
"After getting a taste for granular synthesis with [...] Granulator, I was looking around for a more comprehensive plug-in and found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrZII8Sjzqs .Soon I watched many more videos about your VST, and after trying demos of many other granulators it was clear yours was the best!"
Robert 2017
"Just wanted to first of all say again how amazing your lobster crusher is - Its maybe the best plugin ever made and I am enjoying it a lot."
Joe 2016
"Thank you!  Thank you!  I will buy it as soon as I return to the studio!  I LOVE this program -- it's great for sound design, and doesn't require a pHD to operate.  First program I've been excited about in YEARS." 
Stew 2011
"If I didn't thank you already, thanks sooooo much. I highly value your Crusher, and never, never want to be without it; it's that cool a tool. I don't know what other audio moshing products you might consider to develop, or have already, but I look forward to any ingenious devices you might have created"
Mike 2010
"Vielen Dank für die schnelle und unkomplizierte email obige Programme betreffend. Hatte diese vor langen Jahren installiert, sehe aber erst jetzt mit dem neuen und schnellen PC, was damit alles möglich ist. Ich bin begeistert!!!!!"
Klaus 2008